TodoApp iOS: An iOS Sample App

This xcode project wraps the Desktop Sample App to run on an iPhone.

How to build & run

  1. Install xcode from the app store.

  2. Install brew, elixir, git, carthage, npm

    brew install elixir carthage git npm

  3. fork / git clone this project to your local disk:

    git clone

  4. Build the dependencies:

    cd ios-example-app && carthage update --use-xcframeworks

  5. Open the ios-example-app project with xcode

  6. Start the App

Known todos

Can only emulate on Apple M1 and on real iPhones

The bundled binaries are only for the real iPhone as well as the Apple M1 mac machines. If you’ve got an intel based x86 mac the emulator won’t run at the moment.

Menus and other integration not yet available

This sample only launch the elixir app and shows it in a WKWebView. There is no integration yet with the iOS Clipboard, sharing or other OS capabilities. They can though easily be added to the Bridge.swift file when needed.

Other notes

  • The Erlang runtime is for ease of use embedded in this example git repository. The native runtimes for M1 and iPhoneOS and the exqlite nif are are generated using the Desktop Runtime repository.

  • iOS specific settings, icons and metadata are all contained in this xcode wrapper project.

  • Bridge.swift and the native library are doing most of the wrapping of the Elixir runtime.




Nearly identical to the Android version