How to play

TouchFasterClient is a simple game for ios

After the game is started, It makes 10 circles that have numbers on the screen you can touch the circles in order, If you touch “10” then you are the winner of the game

Nickname System

When you turn on the app first, you need to register your nickname for the high score System. When you have cleared the game, your score is saved with it. because of the high score system, TouchFaster can be played when the server is open

HighScores are saved in MongoDB Server


When you play Single Game, You can play the game by yourself and can check for high scores


“+” Button

  1. You can make the room for multi-play Game

When another user makes a room you can choose and join the room

  1. The Left and right top of the profiles shows Users’ nickname and ready condition. the left side is the room owner and the right side is the room client. If someone is ready for the game READY Label is changed to orange

  1. After all of the players are ready, “START” button is shown in Room Owner’s view

  1. After started, 3secs of count down are shown and then the game is started

  1. when someone finished earlier, the game ended and then the winner’s nickname and time record is shown. this record also saved to DB Server

“HighScore” Button : You can check HighScores in DB

“Users” Button : You can check the User list who logOn now


Client – Swift(IOS)

Server – NodeJS(

DB – MongoDB

  1. Client and Server are communicated with
  2. Room information for showing room list client can join it is saved to NodeJS
  3. Room Condition for showing the inner Room’s condition like ready or nickName Information is saved to NodeJS
  4. HighScore is saved to MongoDB


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