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This library allows you to manipulate the Twitter API without a developer account.

Currently only Twitter API v1.1 is supported.

I plan to support Twitter API v2 and Twitter private APIs in the future.

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– Swift Package Manager –

You can install Twifter into your Xcode project via SPM. To learn more about SPM, click here

For Xcode 12

  1. open your project and navigate to File → Swift Packages → Add Package Dependency…
  2. Paste the repository URL ( and click Next.

For Xcode 13

  1. navigate to Files → Add Package
  2. Paste the repository URL ( and click Next.

– CocoaPods –

Coming soon


try await Twifter().generate_guest_token()
try await Twifter().rate_limit_status()
try await Twifter().collections_entries(id: "custom-539487832448843776")
try await Twifter().followers_ids(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().friends_ids(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().followers_list(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().followers_list(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().friends_ids(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().friends_ids(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().friends_list(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().friends_list(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().friendships_show(source_id: 1218659670, target_id: 1468966997438640128)
try await Twifter().friendships_show(source_screen_name: "_SNQ", target_screen_name: "Shadow_Ban_Bot")
try await Twifter().geo_id(place_id: "06ef846bfc783874")
try await Twifter().geo_reverse_geocode(lat: 35.79449997305192, long: 139.79078800000002)
try await Twifter().geo_search(query: "Tokyo")
try await Twifter().geo_search(lat: 35.79449997305192, long: 139.79078800000002)
try await Twifter().geo_search(ip: "")
try await Twifter().lists_list(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().lists_list(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().lists_members(list_id: 1517792406514839552)
try await Twifter().lists_memberships(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().lists_memberships(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().lists_ownerships(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().lists_ownerships(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().lists_show(list_id: 1517792406514839552)
try await Twifter().lists_statuses(list_id: 1517792406514839552)
try await Twifter().lists_subscribers(list_id: 1517792406514839552)
try await Twifter().lists_subscriptions(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().lists_subscriptions(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().search_tweets(q: "Swift")
try await Twifter().statuses_lookup(id: [1488101267243429889, 1516619027288043521])
try await Twifter().statuses_retweeters_ids(id: 1488101267243429889)
try await Twifter().statuses_retweets(id: 1488101267243429889)
try await Twifter().statuses_show(id: 1488101267243429889)
try await Twifter().statuses_user_timeline(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().statuses_user_timeline(screen_name: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().trends_available()
try await Twifter().trends_closest(lat: 35.79449997305192, long: 139.79078800000002)
try await Twifter().trends_place(id: 1110809)
try await Twifter().users_lookup(user_id: [1218659670, 1468966997438640128])
try await Twifter().users_lookup(screen_name: ["_SNQ", "Shadow_Ban_Bot"])
try await Twifter().users_search(q: "_SNQ")
try await Twifter().user_show(user_id: 1218659670)
try await Twifter().user_show(screen_name: "_SNQ")


EX) Get User ID

import SwiftUI
import Twifter

struct ContentView: View {
   var body: some View {
        Button(action: {
            Task {
                let user_info = try await Twifter().user_show(screen_name: "_SNQ")
                guard let id = user_info["id"] else { return }
        }) {
            Text("Get User ID")

– Requirements –

Enclose with Task

Task {

Add try await

try await Twifter().user_show(screen_name: "_SNQ")


Issues and PRs are welcome, even for minor improvements and corrections.


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