Swift Command line tool to generate static strings from a Figma Design Token Json file.


CocoaPods is the recommended way of installation, as this avoids including any binary files into your project.

Note on Carthage: FigmaTokenGenerator is a tool used in a build step, it is not a dynamic library. Therefore it is not possible to install it with Carthage.

CocoaPods (recommended)

  1. Add pod 'FigmaTokenGenerator' to your Podfile and run pod install
  2. In Xcode: Click on your project in the file list, choose your target under TARGETS, click the Build Phases tab and add a New Run Script Phase by clicking the little plus icon in the top left
  3. Drag the new Run Script phase above the Compile Sources phase and below Check Pods Manifest.lock, expand it and paste the following script:
    "$PODS_ROOT/FigmaTokenGenerator/FigmaTokenGenerator" "$SRCROOT/{PATH TO YOUR JSON}/tokens.json" "$SRCROOT/{PATH TO OUTPUT}/DesignTokenIdentity.swift"
  4. Add $SRCROOT/{PATH TO OUTPUT}/DesignTokenIdentity.swift to the “Output Files” of the Build Phase
  5. Uncheck “Based on dependency analysis” so that FigmaTokenGenerator is run on each build
  6. Build your project, in Finder you will now see a DesignTokenIdentity.swift in the $SRCROOT-folder, drag the DesignTokenIdentity.swift files into your project and uncheck Copy items if needed


   "$PODS_ROOT/FigmaTokenGenerator/FigmaTokenGenerator" "$SRCROOT/{PATH TO YOUR JSON}/tokens.json" "$SRCROOT/{PATH TO OUTPUT}/DesignTokenIdentity.swift"


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