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TheAnimation is Type-safe CAAnimation wrapper.


For example, if you want to animate backgroundColor with CABasicAnimation, you need to consider type because fromValue property and so on are Any?.

If you use BasicAnimation of TheAnimation, you can animate backgroundColor without considering type! (AnimationKeyPaths.backgroundColor is AnimationKeyPath<CGColor> type.)


The way of making an animation is almost similar CAAnimation. But you need to use animation.animate(in:) method instead of using layer.add(_:forKey:).

let view = UIView()

let animation = BasicAnimation(keyPath: .opacity)
animation.fromValue = 0
animation.toValue   = 1
animation.duration  = 1
animation.animate(in: view)

animation.animate(in:) returns AnimaitonCanceller. You can cancel an animation with it.

let canceller = animation.animate(in: view)


To run the example project, clone the repo, and open Example directory.

Correspondence Table

CAAnimation TheAnimation
CAPropertyAnimation PropertyAnimation
CABasicAnimation BasicAnimation
CAKeyframeAnimation KeyframeAnimation
CASpringAnimation SpringAnimation
CATransition TransitionAnimation
CAAnimationGroup AnimationGroup

Add new AnimationKeyPath

You can add AnimationKeyPath like this.

<div class="highlight highlight-source-swift position-relative" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="extension AnimationKeyPaths {
static let newKeyPath = AnimationKeyPath(keyPath: "abcd")

extension AnimationKeyPaths {
    static let newKeyPath = AnimationKeyPath<CGFloat>(keyPath: "abcd")