USB keyboard proxy

Photo of the Raytac MDBT50Q-RX USB dongle

Screenshot of the TinyBoard macOS menu


TinyBoard is a keyboard proxy that lets you control another device with your Mac. The project is based on the Raytac MDBT50Q-RX and provides custom Arduino-based firmware and a corresponding macOS app. The MDBT50Q-RX plugs into the device you wish to control, and the Mac app forwards whatever you type on your Mac keyboard using Bluetooth.

Photo of an TinyBoard plugged into a MiSTer

The TinyBoard is perfect for controlling devices like the MiSTer or Raspberry Pi on-the-go

Getting One

Right now, you’ll have to buy a Raytac MDBT50Q-RX from Adafruit, flash it, and build the macOS app yourself. It’s best to buy from Adafruit as they sell versions pre-flashed with the TinyUF2 boot loader which makes it easy to flash with the Arduino IDE.

If there’s enough demand for pre-flashed devices I’m open to selling some flashed ones at a small markup.


TinyBoard follows the version numbering, build and signing conventions for InSeven Limited apps. Further details can be found here.


TinyBoard is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE).


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