Video timeline UI for iOS Apps.

  • Zoom in/out with pinch
  • Scrub with sound
  • Repeat playing in the trimmer


Copy the VideoTimelineView folder in this project to yours

  • To setup

    let videoTimelineView = VideoTimelineView()
    videoTimelineView.frame = timelineRect
  • To get actions from VideoTimelineView
    Add TimelinePlayStatusReceiver protocol in your ViewController

    class ViewController: UIViewController, TimelinePlayStatusReceiver {

    And set viewController as receiver

    videoTimelineView.playStatusReceiver = self
  • Get actions
    Implement these functions in your viewController

    func videoTimelineStopped()
    func videoTimelineMoved()
    func videoTimelineTrimChanged()

    To get values of the trimmer

    let trim = videoTimelineView.currentTrim()
    print("start time: \(trim.start)")
    print("end time: \(trim.end)")
  • To control

     //Repeat in the trimmer
    videoTimelineView.repeatOn = true
     //If set in false, the trimmer will be ignored
     //Hide trimmer
     //Go to 0s with animation
    videoTimelineView.moveTo(0, animate:true)
     //Set trimmer from 5 to 10 with animation and move to 3
    videoTimelineView.setTrim(start:5, end:10, seek:3, animate:true)

Example Product

The app with VideoTimeLlineView on the AppStore(Free).