View Metal GPU information from the command-line.

$ metalgpu
Index: 0
  Name: Apple M1 Max
  Registry ID: 4294969670
  Location: Built-in
  Characteristics: Unified Memory
    32-Bit Float Filtering: Supported
    32-Bit MSAA: Supported
    BC Texture Compression: Supported
    Barycentric Coordinates: Supported
    Dynamic Libraries: Supported
    Function Pointers: Supported
    Function Pointers from Render: Supported
    Primitive Motion Blur: Supported
    Pull Model Interopolation: Supported
    Query Texture LOD: Supported
    Ray Tracing: Supported
    Ray Tracing from Render: Supported
  Recommended Maximum Memory Size: 42.67 GB
  Max Buffer Length: 32 GB
  Max Threads per Thread Group: (Width: 1024, Height: 1024, Depth: 1024)
  Max Thread Group Memory Size: 32 KB


Install With Mint

  1. Install Mint: brew install mint
  2. Install metalgpu with Mint: mint install kendfinger/metalgpu@main

Run with SwiftPM

  1. Clone the source: git clone metalgpu
  2. Switch to source directory: cd metalgpu
  3. Run metalgpu with SwiftPM: swift run metalgpu


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