Vision Camera

? The Camera library that sees the vision.

npm i react-native-vision-camera
npx pod-install

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  • Photo, Video and Snapshot capture
  • Customizable devices and multi-cameras (smoothly zoom out to “fish-eye” camera)
  • Customizable FPS
  • Frame Processors (JS worklets to run QR-Code scanning, facial recognition, AI object detection, realtime video chats, …)
  • Smooth zooming (Reanimated)
  • Fast pause and resume
  • HDR & Night modes

See the example app


function App() {
  const devices = useCameraDevices('wide-angle-camera')
  const device = devices.back

  if (device == null) return <LoadingView />
  return (

Adopting at scale

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VisionCamera is provided as is, I work on it in my free time.

If you’re integrating VisionCamera in a production app, consider funding this project and contact me to receive premium enterprise support, help with issues, prioritize bugfixes, request features, help at integrating VisionCamera and/or Frame Processors, and more.

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