Create a weather app using your knowledge of auto layout and networking and the MVVM architecture.

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How to complete task

  1. Design the screen above using your knowledge of autoLayout.

  2. Visit openweathermap and fetch data relating to your choice city preferably one in your state of origin.

    a. You would fetch current weather data from here and use that to populate the display for the top section of the app.

    b. You would fetch a 5-day forecast from https://openweathermap.org/forecast5 and use that to populate the display for the lower section of the app.

    c. Complete the build using the specifications of the MVVM architecture

What would be graded

Your ability to read and understand API documentation that can be found here.

Your ability to make network call to the openweathermap API and have it return expected data. Commit here.

Your ability to adhere to the dictates of the MVVM architecture. Commit here.

Please find UI asset for your application here.

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