Weather Forecast Assigment – iOS – MVP + Clean Architecture


Weather Forecast Assigment is an iOS application built to highlight MVP (Model View Presenter) and Clean Architecture concepts

Run Requirements

  • Xcode 12+
  • Swift 5

High Level Layers

MVP Concepts

Presentation Logic
  • View – delegates user interaction events to the Presenter and displays data passed by the Presenter
  • Presenter – contains the presentation logic and tells the View what to present
  • Configurator – injects the dependency object graph into the scene (view controller)

Clean Architecture Concepts

Application Logic
  • UseCase / Interactor – contains the application / business logic for a specific use case in application
  • Entity – plain Swift classes / structs
Gateways & Framework Logic
  • Gateway – contains actual implementation of the protocols defined in the Application Logic layer
  • Persistence / API Entities – contains framework specific representations

Assignment Application Details

  • Overview what I have to do in the assignment application:
    • Load data weather, display on view.
    • Check search input to make sure the keywords more than three characters berfore trigger search request.
    • Check if search request have from Cache (CoreData) before request to the server. This to prevent the request calling to the server at the same time with same request.
    • Make new search request to get newest data from server.
    • Hande error from server response.
    • Store the request & response to CoreData.
    • Accessibility supports:
      • Scaling text if supported to change the font size.
      • The screen reader is enable by VoiceOver.
  • Following MVP-Clean Architecture, I have been written:
    • WeatherPresenter – Return weather data to display on screen, valid input,…
    • SearchWeatherUserCase – Referenced with WeatherPresenter to process the search weather by city name feature, it manipulates Weathers Entity and comunicates with WeatherGateway to retrive / persist the weathers entity.
    • WeatherGateway – Implementation of the protocols defined from Use Cases layer.
      • ApiWeatherGateway – Using URLSession to request data from server.
      • LocalPersitenceWeatherGateway – Using CoreData to fetch weather data storaged.
    • Weather entity – Contains specific representations, includes: ApiWeatherRequest, ApiWeatherResponse, Weather Entity from CoreData.


  • Unit Tests
  • UI Tests

Check List

  • The application is a simple iOS application that is written by Swift.
  • The application is able to retrieve the weather information from OpenWeatherMaps API.
  • The application is able to allow user to input the searching term.
  • The application is able to proceed searching with a condition of the search term length must be from 3 characters or above.
  • The application is able to render the searched results as a list of weather items.
  • The application is able to support caching mechanism so as to prevent the app from generating a bunch of API requests.
  • The application is able to manage caching mechanism & lifecycle.
  • The application is able to handle failures.
  • The application is able to support the disability to scale large text for who can’t see the text clearly
  • The application is able to support the disability to read out the text using VoiceOver controls.


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