Widgets for students, leveraging popular services and their data

StuduWidgts is an iOS native app built to make student life go smoothly. StuduWidgets make it easy to absorbe everyday information by presenting things such as timetable on your Home Screen with a Widget.

This is building upon the fact, that most schools in Czechia use two services: Strava.cz for ordering lunches at the school canteen and Bakaláři for managing grades, timetables, absense and more.


StuduWidgets Status

StuduWidgets are currently in active development

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To achieve good communication for both of these services, we created a connector for Strava.cz and are leveraging the Bakaláři v3 API.


We, as highschool students find it hard to manage and get quick answers to questions like:

  • what subject do we have next period?
  • where is that next period?
  • how long will this period last? I wanna go home
  • what will be for lunch today?
  • are my lunches all ordered for next week?

Full documentation

See the StuduWidgets Wiki for full documentation, code structure, and other information.

Built with love by @filiptronicek & @scraptechguy


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