Working out. For some it’s a passion, for others it is a requirement to maintain health. However, exercising and tracking your progress can sometimes be a complicated task. Oftentimes, we don’t know the proper form and technique behind an exercise. There’s also a struggle with motivation. Our focus in this app is to allow users to log and track their workout programs for strength movements, such as deadlifts, bench press, etc…

The goals of our application are to track the workout routines for primary foundational strength movements. These include the barbell squat, bench press and the deadlift to name a few. Additionally, our application will allow users to view the history of previous logged workouts through selecting specific days on a dynamic calendar that goes back in time. We also wanted to add a feature that allows users to see the proper form and technique behind a workout so that they can remain safe and effective. Lastly, we wanted to create a simple, easy-to-use User Interface that can make all of our features easy to find and use.

Development Process:


In our first phase, we worked on wireframing our application and figuring out what we wanted our app to look like. In terms of functionality, we implemented a tabview with three tabs. We completed the functionality of the first tab, which holds the workout for the day. The user would be able to add a category of the workout, the name of the workout and the duration of that workout.
We also implemented a “workout” data structure which allows us to store the user entry in a format that will be supported by our application


Phase 2:

In our second phase, we added Data persistence for the workouts added each day.
We also added a calendar as our second tab. We implemented the calendar functionality and improved the UI, so now users would be able to go back to a past date and see what workouts they performed.



We implemented another tab that acts as a “helper” page for our users. When clicked it displays a menu of youtube links that users can click on that will open up tutorials for a specific body part and how best to train it. For example, there’s an item called “Chest help” which links to a video that outlines the perfect chest workout.


We continued improvement on our user interface of the app and added a tab for users to store their physical information.


Potential Future Directions

In the future, we plan on adding cardio exercises to our platform and implementing a feature that finds your GPS location and tracks your running speed and time for cardio exercises. Furthermore, we plan on displaying analytical charts that show progress over a specified period of time to allow users to see their progress over years, months or even weeks. This would become especially helpful for users during weight loss or gain journey. Lastly, we hope to add user authentication, which allows for greater security for our users and helps us to grow the app should we decide to publish it on the app store.


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