Wrapper class for handling all tasks related to RSA cryptography


do {
let rsaWrapper = try RSAWrapper(with: .RSA2048 , privateTag: “your-private-tag-goes-here”)

let base64PK = try rsaWrapper.publicKeyAsBase64()
print("public key as base64 -\n \(base64PK)")

let base64PEM = try rsaWrapper.publicKeyAsPEM()
print("public key as PEM -\n\(base64PEM)")

let text2Encrypt = "I want to believe"
let encryptedText = try rsaWrapper.encrypt(text: text2Encrypt)
print("encrypted RAW - \(encryptedText)")

let base64encrypted = try rsaWrapper.encryptBase64(text: text2Encrypt)
print("encrypted Base64 - \(base64encrypted)")

var clearText = try rsaWrapper.decrypt(encrypted: encryptedText)
print("clear Text RAW - \(clearText)")

clearText = try rsaWrapper.decryptBase64(encryptedBase64: base64encrypted)
print("clear Text BASE64 - \(clearText)")

copyFilesFromBundleToDocumentsFolderWith(fileExtension: "der")
let testDER = documentDirectory?.appendingPathComponent("test.der")
guard let testDERPath = testDER?.path else { return }
let externalPK = try? rsaWrapper.importPublicKey(fromDER: testDERPath)
print("public key from DER certificate -\n \(externalPK)")

} catch {
print(“error happened”)


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