Challenge: SwiftUI navigation hotdish

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Proposed solution

The new SwiftUI version is introducing programmatic navigation. To try with a real life example and try as most features as possible, I used the following:

  • SplitNavigationView: to display a sidebar with grouped recipes by category, which can be collapsed. Also a search bar as it is the natural way to search for recipes (in a real cookbook we would use the table of contents). SplitNavigationView preview
  • StackNavigationView: to display related recipes of a root one in the same place, without losing the selected recipe state. As when we are taking a look at related content, we usually want to return to the original one. StackNavigationView preview
  • navigationTitle actions: we are now able to show a dropdown list of buttons next to a navigationTitle. This list is used as a breadcrumb to navigate between the stack of related recipes visited, and to quickly return to the root recipe. navigationTitle breadcrumb

Bringing robust navigation structure to your SwiftUI app.

Use navigation links, stacks, destinations, and paths to provide a streamlined experience for all platforms, as well as behaviors such as deep linking and state restoration.



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