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Toybox made easy to manage Xcode Playgrounds.

You can create and open Xcode Playground from CLI.

$ toybox create Snippet
# Generate ~/.toybox/Snippet.playground and open with Xcode

This product is under development so interfaces might change.

Before Toybox

Using Toybox


Toybox requires High Sierra or above.


$ brew tap giginet/toybox
$ brew install giginet/toybox/toybox
$ toybox version

If you got error on tapping the formula. try brew untap giginet/toybox before.


Install yonaskolb/Mint.

$ mint install giginet/toybox


Create new Playground

# Create 'UIKitDemo.playground' for iOS
$ toybox create UIKitDemo
# Create a new Playground which is not saved
$ toybox create
# Create a new auto generated named Playground which is saved like 20190404082446.playground
$ toybox create -s
# Create 'SpriteKit.playground' for macOS
$ toybox create SpriteKitDemo --platform macos
# Overwrite existing playground 'UIKitDemo'
$ toybox create UIKitDemo -f
# Create but don't open with Xcode
$ toybox create UIKitDemo --no-open
# Create and open with specific Xcode
$ toybox create UIKitDemo --xcode-path /Application/
$ toybox create UIKitDemo --xcode-version 11.1
# Create Playground from standard input
$ echo 'print("Hello World")' | toybox create --input

Created Playgrounds will be saved under $HOME/.toybox

List Playgrounds

# List all existing playgrounds
$ toybox list
# List all playgrounds of specific platform
$ toybox list --platform ios

Open Playground

# Open UIKitDemo.playground with default Xcode
$ toybox open UIKitDemo
# Open UIKitDemo.playground with specific Xcode
$ toybox open UIKitDemo --xcode-path /Application/
$ toybox open UIKitDemo --xcode-version 11.1


# Display current Toybox version
$ toybox version
# Display path to Toybox root directory,
# It should return '$HOME/.toybox'
$ toybox root

Extra Usage

Open existing playgrouds with peco

toybox list | peco | awk '{print $1}' | xargs toybox open


Xcode 11

Open Toybox directory with Xcode 11 directly.

Under Xcode 10.2

$ swift package generate-xcodeproj
$ open Toybox.xcodeproj


giginet <[email protected]>


MIT License