Zingle – An alert will display underneath your UINavigationBar

Note: Zingle has a dependency to have a UINavigationController in your app, which means it will not work/display in your app if you don’t have a UINavigationController linked to a UIViewController in which you’re planning to show an alert. However, it will get display even if the UINavigationBar is hidden for a particular UIViewController.

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iPhone8+ iPhoneX


  1. Easy to setup & Use
  2. Dynamic Property Configurations.
  3. Lightweight with zero dependencies.


  1. Manually – Add Zingle.swift file to your Project.
  2. CocoaPodspod 'Zingle'

You can read the CHANGELOG file for a particular release.


import Zingle


Zingle.init(duration: 0.5, delay: 3)
  .message(message: "No Internet Connection.")
  .messageIcon(icon: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "warning-icon"))
  .messageColor(color: .white)
  .messageFont(font: UIFont.init(name: "AmericanTypewriter", size: 15.0)!)
  .backgroundColor(color: UIColor.red)

You can also use it with in-built extension to UIViewController.

//Create ZingleConfig.
let config = ZingleConfig()
config.delay = 2.0
config.duration = 1.0
config.messageColor = UIColor.white
config.messageFont = UIFont.init(name: "AmericanTypewriter", size: 15.0)!
config.backgroundColor = UIColor.purple.withAlphaComponent(0.5)
//Show Zingle with `self` (UIViewController) with custom configuration.
self.zingle(message: "No Internet Connection.", withConfig: config)


//Show Zingle with `self` (UIViewController) with default configuration.
self.zingle(message: "No Internet Connection.")

You can watch to Zingle to see continuous updates. Stay tuned.

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The MIT License (MIT)

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