iOS App Templates

Looking for first-class and best iOS App Templates out there?

In this Article, we have showcased highly streamlined app templates you find today that are still actively updated and maintained.

App templates let your app to run efficiently. They offer UI consistency and performance that can only come from native apps. However, building a feature-rich iOS app with an elegant user interface can be challenging. Fortunately, by using an app template, you can save substantial amounts of time and effort.

Here is a list of Best Swift iOS App Templates with a remarkable design in 2020.

These templates are truly valuable and make it easier for developers to build an application with Swift.

1.City Guide - iOS Swift App

This app brings to users a beautifully designed city guide that relies on CloudKit. Users can browse top attractions, restaurants and shops or any other category you’d like to add. The CloudKit classes are prepared with New York data, but you can change it to any other city you want.

Also, the app includes Google AdMob support (banner and interstitials) to directly make some revenue out of it.


2.To Do - iOS Swift App

This is a simple yet nice to do app fully coded. It allows the user to create new tasks, sort them by using drag and drop gestures, delete them by swiping over them and even set them as completed by double tapping them.


3.Swift Classify Ads | Full iOS Application

Swift Classify Ads is a complete Universal app template you can use to offer mobile classifieds service to professionals and end users, they will be able to post ads all via their devices, additionally they can just search for what they need or browse listings by Categories and subcategories!


4.Stick Hero - Swift 5 + Ads

● Mac OS 10.15.1 and Xcode 11.2.1
● SpriteKit game development with Swift 5
● Stick Ninja Hero is an entertaining game and exciting at the same to cross the path with intensity. It is basic on how well you can guess to move on path


5.Fruits Quiz Guess IOS (SWIFT)

Hope you enjoy this application and your feedback will be appreciated.

if you would like to add or remove any functionality, I would love to do that for you with some extra efforts.


6.Love Photo Frames (iOS app and Swift 5)

Express your love by gathering and framing your special moments with love of your life. make them more special with ” Romantic Love photo frames” app. It has an elegant and unique collection with love pictures frames etc.

Would you like your picture to be appearing in the beautiful love frames? These romantic love photo frames are ideal for you to frame your memories and make them unforgettable.


7.Collage Maker for IOS - Photo Editor (SWIFT)

Turn your photos into real magic Collage Maker for IOS – Photo Editor. Try Now!! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you in time.

Hope you enjoy this application and your feedback will be appreciated.

if you would like to add or remove any functionality, I would love to do that for you with some extra efforts.


8.PIP Camera Editor IOS (Swift)

Hope you enjoy this application and your feedback will be appreciated.

if you would like to add or remove any functionality, I would love to do that for you with some extra efforts.


9.NewsAmp - Swift News Application

NewsAmp application is made 100% in Swift. The app is easy to use and iOS Ready.


10.Five Minutes Recipes - iOS Food Recipes Application

Five Minutes Recipes features hand-selected delicious and easy to prepare recipes.


11.Vibration - Massage

This is a modern design Taptic Engine Application for meditation. This application has 12 different vibration melody.

The source code includes app files and ready to AppStore


12.Voice Translator - iOS Source Code

Simple User Interface(Easy to use for Translator) - Listen translated text, sentence in Japanese or Chinese - Social Media – Easily share with Friends and Family. - if you are a student, tourist or traveler, it will helps you to learn the language! - Possibility to copy the translated text by using one button. - You can translate by using your voice. - You can listen translations.


13.Sorry Photo Frames (iOS App and Swift 5)

Sorry Photo Frame is a collection of amazing sorry photo frame, In which you can decorate your friend’s photo and share with them it is a great idea. Sometimes people refusing to talk to each other and fail to apologize because of their hesitation but that’s not mean they are rude, in this case this app will be boon and Don’t let the silence destroy your relationship.


14.Meditation App Template + Music player - iOS Swift

Lotus is a meditation mobile App UI Theme/Template with music player integrated.

Music player full implemented (repeat, previous, next, shuffle, play and pause) that you can reuse to build a music player like Spotify.


15.Classify | iOS Universal Classifieds App Template (Swift)

Classify is a complete Universal app template you can use to offer mobile classifieds service to professionals and end users, they will be able to post and edit ads all via their devices, no computer needed, additionally they can just search for what they need or browse listings by Categories and contact seller all in mobility!


16.FIVES | iOS Multi Language Word Game Template (Swift)

FIVES is a 5-letter word game where you have rush and make as many words as you can within the game timer. Every time you match a word the timer decreases its time.
It has the possibility to add multiple languages, the User Guide explains how to localize the game and set up lists of words for different languages. The device will detect its current language and show the words accordingly.


17.Events | iOS Universal Events App Template (Swift)

Events is a full app template for you to create your own mobile iOS app to store and share events all over the world. Users can submit new events to you and you can approve them by changing a value in the isPending field in your Parse Dashboard on back{4}app.


18.Feedews | iOS Universal News App Template (Swift)

Feedews gets its name from 2 words: feed and news. This is an RSS feed reader to get all news in one place, there are several Categories and you can share articles to social networks and Mail!


19.VPN App - Simple native VPN app

Easy to use, simple VPN app APP FEATURES:

  • Simple, clean and intuitive user interface
  • Fast and native
  • Load vpns from firebase
  • Monetization with subscription
  • Admob banners and fullscreen ads


20.Granth - iOS Ebook App Swift 4 + Admin panel

Granth is an ios eBook application that takes your reading experience to the next level. You can read online as well as offline. With its unique and eye-soothing color palette and design, Granth ensures the most engaging escapade for readers. This excellent app supports all major types of PDF files. The run-through is extremely easy providing users ease to browse, look for his/her favorite author, build a wishlist and read anywhere, anytime.


21.Voice Recorder & Changing Effect with Admob (Limited Edition)

Listening to the familiar voice of someone you love can bring out the strongest emotions, motivating people to act for the good of society. So it would be nice to have an application like Voice Recorder that can record your voice and store it forever so you can listen to it anytime, whenever you remember that person. If once upon a time you needed cassettes or hard disks, now you only need a phone and install this application.


22.SONORA | iOS iPhone Music Player App Template (Swift)

SONORA is a nice vintage Music Player template that users will love to use instead of the iOS native music player app. It’s written in Swift, flexible and well-commented code, nice UI design, background selection.


23.Guess Quiz - iOS Swift App

This complete app written in Swift 2.1 brings to users an engaging guessing game that relies on CloudKit. Users can browse different categories such as music, sports or any other you’d like to add.


24.Checklist - A Minimalist To-Do App - Swift 5 / Xcode 11 / IOS 13

Checklist is a beautiful to-do style app. Quickly create, edit, delete or check tasks. Create your own folders and set reminders. Checklist is extremely intuitive and it has an eye candy design that your users will love.


25.iOS All In One Videos App (DailyMotion,Vimeo,Youtube,Server Videos, Admob with GDPR)

All In One Videos is a new application that offers a great collection of videos for your iOS device from Most Popular Video Sharing websites. Are You thinking about to make a video application that play video of your choice. You can make Application of Your favorite Video,TV Shows,Movie,Serial,Sport and many more with different website.


26.TODO App - iOS App For Task List (Online Storage Parse)

With TODO App,create your own list task TODO app for iPhone and iPad with just a few clicks working with Back4App (Parse) ! No coding needed.


27.Numberz | iOS Universal Board Game Template (Swift)

NUMBERZ is a game for iPhone and iPad where you have to match as many tiles as you can within 60 seconds, or even before the game board gets full filled by tiles. Be quick and be careful to not tap wrong tiles, or else the game will end!


28.News App - iOS App for Wordpress Blog/Magazine

With NewsApp, create your own app for iPhone and iPad from your URL Wordpress Blog/Magazine with just a few clicks! No coding needed. With custom pages like Category and Favorite. Set it and turn your awesome app.


29.MyHotel | iOS Universal Hotel App Templates (Swift)

MyHotel is a complete Universal app template you can use to create an app for your own hotel without needing a website.
You can update your Hotel data (name, description, gallery, rooms, etc.) via your own Parse Dashboard, so you don’t need to submit updates to the App Store when you have to add/update some info about your business.


30.iOS Recipe Book App (Cooking,Chef,Healthy Food, Admob with GDPR)

Recipes Box app is an application under iOS platform which can be used to create application about food recipes.The application is fully compatible, using latest features of iOS platform to provide the best user experience and user interface. The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided to understand easily. you can create your own application about any food recipes.


31.Wally | iOS Universal Wallpapers App Template (Swift)

Wally is a Universal app template for wallpapers where users can save them into their photo library and then set them as wallpapers to their devices, they can also submit new wallpapers to the admin of the app for approval. You, as the Admin of the app, will just have to switch a isPending variable into False in the Parse Dashboard or CMS panel to make the submitted wallpapers visible in the app, it’s super easy.


32.Hangman | iOS Universal Word Game Template (Swift)

Hangman is a remake of a classic word game template where you have to guess words without hanging your stick man.
It has different Genres and you can easily edit them by a local array and edit their relative words into a local .plist file.


33.EverNotes | iOS Universal Notetaking App Template (Swift)

EverNotes is an app template for you to store and edit notes in the cloud, it works with Parse backend so you won’t lose data even after an update, just log in with your own username and password to access your notes.
You can store Video, Audio, Image and Text notes with this app, all come into a nice, flat UI design that you can customize as you wish via Storyboard in XCode.


34.AroundMe | iOS Universal Geolocated Questions App Template (Swift)

AroundMe is a Universal App Template where you can post geolocated questions by choosing the location on a map, comment other users’ questions and award Thank you’s points and badges, as well as say thanks to other user’s comments.
This app is useful for all those ones who need to find help nearby, lost something, looking for places around their area or just socialize and find new friends while you’re on vacation in a certain place.


35.Fitness - 7 Minute workout iphone full application in Swift 4

Fitness – 7 Minute workout is iPhone application developed in Swift 4 and support all latest devices and latest iOS version. The application has 6 sets of 7 minute workouts to categorised for

  1. 7 Minutes Workout for Beginners
  2. 7 Minutes Classic Workout
  3. 7 Minutes ABS Workout
  4. 7 Minutes SWEAT Workout
  5. 7 Minutes TABATA Workout
  6. 7 Minutes Complete Workou


36.iOS Jobs App (Job Seeker, Job Provider, Naukri, Shine, Indeed, Resume)

Great app for job seekers and job providers. If you’re looking for a job or looking for employees for Job, then this app is really helpful, it has all the jobs searching features. The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided. You can create your own job application. This application is also for the Job provider, the easiest way to reach the job seekers.


37.Wordzy | iOS Universal Multi-Language Word Game Template (Swift)

Wordzy is a Universal Game Template where you have to unscramble 4, 6 and 9-letter words in a nice interface as a grid of buttons.


38.Readit | iOS Universal Social News App Template (Swift)

Readit is a Universal App template that works similarly to website, you can login/sign up for an account and post links to the news you want, vote and share them on social networks or email, and also comment them. Your account screen includes the list of your posts and the saved ones (you can only save news from other users since your own ones will be automatically added to your account’s page).


39.Finder | iOS Universal Points of Interest App (Swift)

Finder is a Universal App template for you to build your own Points of Interest app. mostly dedicated to a city. You can easily add POI’s data directly on your Parse Dashboard on or on


40.Bazaar | iOS Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Application [XServer]

Bazaar is a great solution for those who need to quickly build a mobile app where people can list their used or new items for sale, and the community can browse ads and chat with products owners to agree on payments and purchases