ConvenientImagePicker is a beautiful and simple image picker solution for iOS development written on Swift. It's a view controller that can simply present it everywhere. Excellent interaction, Mutiple selection, Photo picker, Dark mode, and so on.

ConvenientImagePicker provides smooth interaction, has excellent user experience, it can display system photo album and can also display the specified images.

It is worth emphasizing that the ConvenientImagePicker view has precise gesture control.




  • iOS 9.3+
  • Xcode 9.0+
  • Swift 4.0+


ConvenientImagePicker can be installed through CocoaPods, add the following entry to your Podfile:

pod 'ConvenientImagePicker'

Then run pod install,

and include the image picker wherever you need it with

import ConvenientImagePicker

, it's really a simple way.


When you prepare to present this image picker, we assume that you will call a function like this:

func PresentPhotoPicker()

Well, the most simplest version is add the following code in this function:

let pickerViewController = PickerViewController()
pickerViewController.delegate = self
self.present(pickerViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)

Then, you are supposed to implement ConvenientImagePickerDelegate in your own view controller:

And implement these delegate function:

func imagePickerDidCancel(_ selectedImages: [Int : UIImage])
func imageDidSelect(_ imagePicker: PickerViewController, index: Int, image: UIImage?)
func imageDidDeselect(_ imagePicker: PickerViewController, index: Int, image: UIImage?)
func imageSelectMax(_ imagePicker: PickerViewController, wangToSelectIndex: Int, wangToSelectImage: UIImage?)

imagePickerDidCancel will inform you that user has cancelled the image picker, and return the images user has selected.

imageDidSelect will inform you that user has selected an image.

imageDidDeselect will inform you that user has deselected an image.

imageSelectMax will inform you that user want to select an image, but this time he has selected the limit number of images.

You can use imagePicker.selectedImageCount in last 3 functions to get the number of the images user has selected.

Do not initialize pickerViewController outside of function PresentPhotoPicker.

So far, this is the simplest usage of this pod.

Optional Configuration

Sure, You can use more features of the image picker, or even customize it, instead of just using the default configuration.

Do start from let pickerViewController = PickerViewController() there:

pickerViewController.maxNumberOfSelectedImage = 50 // The maximum number of pictures allowed.
pickerViewController.allowMultipleSelection = true // A Boolean value that determines whether the picker view can mutiple selection.
pickerViewController.numberOfPictureInRow = 4 // The number of pictures in a row.
pickerViewController.intervalOfPictures = 5.0 // The interval between pictures.
pickerViewController.isSimpleMode = true // A Boolean value that determines whether the title label, count view, and close button exist.
pickerViewController.images = nil // The displayed images, it's will be photo library if nil.
pickerViewController.isDarkMode = false // A Boolean value that determines whether darkmode enable.
pickerViewController.isSwitchDarkAutomately = true // A Boolean value that determines whether darkmode can switched automately. (only iOS 13 valid)

when 'isSimpleMode = false'


When pickerViewController.isSimpleMode = false appear in your configure list, you are supposed to learn about titleView, titleLabel, countLabel, doneButton, and titleViewEffectView.(As shown on the right)

You can customize titleView, titleLabel, countLabel, and doneButton when isSimpleMode = false.

You can also customize titleViewEffectView, mainView, and collectionView regardless of the value of isSimpleMode, because they are always exist.

By the way, decorationBar can be customized in the case of isSimpleMode = true.

If more in-controller-override needed, extension PickerViewController is necessary.


  • Do not forget to add NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription in your Info.plist if you want to present a photo picker.
  • Do not use ConvenientImagePicker with Landscape on iPhone.
  • ConvenientImagePicker is not compatible with Objective-C.
  • Please initialize new variable pickerViewController whenever preparing to present the image picker.


In TextCard, which is an iOS App has imported ConvenientImagePicker.