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A browser for iOS which has minimal functions. You can use MinBrowser to debug your application that work with the browser.


  • Open an HTTP or HTTPS link.
  • Search by keywords.
  • Full screen
  • Bookmark
  • Open link in MinBrowser via other app.
  • Showing JS alert(), confirm(), prompt().
  • Uploading photos/videos.
  • Saving photos/videos.
  • Using camera/microphone to take a picture or video.
  • Getting device’s currently location.
  • Support themes (light/dark).
  • Localized (English, Japanese).


  • Written in Swift 5
  • Compatible with iOS 15.0+
  • Development with Xcode 13.4.1+



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open link   full screen   open link   full screen


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Open link via other app

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How to be the Default Browser

The goal is to make MinBrowser the Default Browser.

Apple – Preparing Your App to be the Default Browser or Email Client

Debug Functions

The following page can be used for debugging MinBrowser.


JS Dialog

  • Alert (window.alert())
  • Confirm (window.confirm())
  • Prompt (window.prompt())

Custom Scheme

  • SMS sms://
  • Telephone tel://
  • FaceTime facetime:// and facetime-audio://
  • iMessage imessage://
  • Mail mailto://


  • Photo Library (Load)
    • WKWebView does not need permission to upload photos/videos.
  • Photo Library (Save)
    • Privacy – Photo Library Additions Usage Description (NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription)
  • Device Location
    • Privacy – Location When In Use Usage Description (NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription)
  • Camera/Microphone
    • Privacy – Camera Usage Description (NSCameraUsageDescription)
    • Privacy – Microphone Usage Description (NSMicrophoneUsageDescription)


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