ChatGPT SwiftUI iOS App

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This is a mobile native iOS Application for interacting with ChatGPT built using SwiftUI and OpenAPI API. It used the leaked model and special prompt to access ChatGPT using Open AI Completions API endpoint.

UPDATE 2 – 3 Feb 2023

It’s working again after updating to the latest model


At the time this video is published, the leaked model to access ChatGPT using Completion API endpoint had been taken down by OpenAI, so it won’t work. But most of the concept should remain the same for building the application UI and state management. When the official API is released, you can simply update to use the public model and official endpoint for ChatGPT ? I’ll also update the GitHub repo and create a follow-up video when it will be released in near future.

Video tutorial



  • Xcode 14
  • Register at
  • Create API Key
  • Paste API key in ContentView where the ChatGPTAPI instance is declared


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