Nea (macOS)

100% SwiftUI GPT/LLM Client with Prompt Engineering support. With Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI functionality.

General Query View Prompt Studio
General Query Prompt Studio


  • macOS 12.4+ Build passing ?

Setting Up Azure OpenAI

Repo will be updated to include this out of the box, front-end side, in the future.

  1. Set your resource and deployment names here

public static let base = "https://{RESOURCE}"
public static let v1ChatCompletion = "openai/deployments/{DEPLOYMENT_NAME}/chat/completions"
public static let v1Completion = "openai/deployments/{DEPLOYMENT_NAME}/completions"
  1. Then make sure the client is set to use the Azure API
self.client = ChatGPT(apiKey: apiKey, api: .azure)
  1. API Versions are hardcoded for now

Persisting Chat Messages

Repo will be updated to include this out of the box, front-end side, in the future.

Back in SandGPT:

func ask<E: EventExecutable>(_ prompt: String,

Simply build a flow to store the type ChatMessage prior to using the Swift Package.

private var messages: [ChatMessage] = []
func ask<E: EventExecutable>(_ prompt: String,
                             withSystemPrompt systemPrompt: String? = nil,
                             withConfig config: PromptConfig,
                             stream: Bool = false,
                             logMessages: Bool = false,
                             event: E) {

Append the user prompt with the role user.

self.messages.append(.init(role: .user, content: prompt)) //add user prompt

Append the chat-bot’s response with the role assistant.

reply = try await client.ask(messages: self?.messages ?? [],
                                                         withConfig: config)
DispatchQueue.main.async { [weak self] in
    self?.isResponding = false
if logMessages {
    self?.messages.append(.init(role: .assistant, content: reply))
event.send(Response(data: reply, isComplete: true, isStream: false))

The role .system is good for setting a persona prior to message collection.

self?.messages.append(.init(role: .system, content: "Act as..."))

Linking the reset() function in SandGPT() to clear messages is helpful too:

func reset(messages: Bool = false) {
    self.isResponding = false
    if messages {
        self.messages = []



  • Window resizing and size management occurs here.

Declaritevly update a single window’s size whenever an action requires

state.pane?.display {
    if addResponse {


  • Popups and Hotkey observation/registration

Example of Using PopupableView to easily trigger popups in any window instance.

              size: .init(200, 200),
              edge: .maxX, {
    RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 6)
        .frame(width: 60, height: 60)
        .foregroundColor(Color(hex: promptColor))
}) {
    ColorPicker(hex: $promptColor)
.frame(width: 60, height: 60)


Why chat completions over completions for prompts?

  • No specific reason besides, finding it to provide better results for my own needs.
  • Completions endpoint capability will be added soon along with a toggle to switch between.

More Previews

Advanced Tuning Helper Tab
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Using Commands Switching Commands
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  • Clean up Azure OpenAI integration in SwiftGPT
  • Integrate Azure and chat history properly into main App. Cleanup README after.


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