A Knight in Space

A clicker-like game based on the concept of a Knight abandoned in space.

Team Members

Albin Shrestha, Zac Galer, Connor Kite, and Mark Cheng


Feature Description Who Worked / Percentage
UI/ button design Created and formatted in game UI Zac (70%) Connor (20%) Mark (10%)
Core Data Player, settings, items, weapons and spells are all store in core data Connor (100%)
Local Notifications Local notifications that inform the player of events occurring in game Zac (100%)
Intial Project Setup Set-up of project on Gitlab and creating all VC’s and files in xCode Connor (90%) Zac (10%)
Background Music In-game background music and making sure it works with settings Zac (100%)
Haptic Feedback Creating haptic feedback code and ensuring it works Zac (50%) Albin (50%)
Edit App Icon and Name Show correct icon and name on main iphone page (not in-app) Zac (100%)
Multithread Timer Multithreaded timer counts down while on game screen before going to events Mark (85%) Albin (15%)
Settings Settings screen for turning on/off rumble or sound Connor (100%)
Create New Player Player is initialized with a name, items based on the class chosen, and default hp, mana, gold, etc Connor (100%)
Shop Player can purchase items by exchanging gold. Items are saved in Core Data Mark (100%)
zebra stripes are neat $1
zebra stripes are neat $1

How to Run

Open project in Xcode and run using an iPhone 12 Pro simulator


Demo video




Please contact me on LinkedIn to collaborate: https://www.linkedin.com/in/albin-shrestha