Kimis is a client for Misskey built with pure UIKit for quality.

? Preview


? Key Features

  • any instance running Misskey 13 +
  • supports iOS/iPadOS 14.0+, macOS 11.0+
  • supports iPhone/iPad/Mac with platform optimization
  • better algorithm for timeline
  • high performance tableview smooth scrolling
  • mute will also filter username
  • smooth experience editing post
  • clear and simple UI
  • supports dark mode
  • supports multiple accounts
  • chat support
  • i18n (currently English only)

Previously, Kimis supports all instance from Misskey 12+, but due to the change of emoji API, Kimis now only supports Misskey 13+. You can still login to Misskey 12+ instance, but you will not be able to see emoji.

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No SwiftUI, No ChatGPT, you deserve better.


?‍⚖️ License

MIT License – Kimis Edition


  • no copyright notice required
  • no permission notice required
  • no warranty
  • no App Store submission (not allowed)

The icon is drawn by Dall·E, additional license may apply.

? Thanks

Thanks to all of my friends who helped me test Kimis, and thanks to all of the contributors of Misskey. Although I have complained about Misskey a lot, I still love it.

Made with ❤️ by @Lakr233 and his friends @unixzii @NekoyueW.

Copyright © 2023 Lakr Aream & Kimis Team. All Rights Reserved.


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