Space44 Code Challenge

Space44 Code Challenge iOS application for Space 44 hiring process, it leverages on Image download and composite collection view.

Set Up / Complie

A few third party dependencies were used, hence before compiling ensure to run ‘pod install’.
I followed MVVM pattern in the course of development, I wrote my View model in a way it would be testable.

Other projects I have done

I sign NDAs(Non disclosure agreement) with most Projects/Companies I have worked on, but below is one of the projects I did for a company in U.K named AsthmaApp, the app track record of Asthma incidence and also notifies relatives each time a patient has an Asthma. the app was done in KMM(Kotlin Multi Platform), I was the lead developer in the team and I did 70 percent of the app (Bot Android and iOS part). below is the git hub link

Public Profile

I am active in Linked in and Medium where I post articles about mobile app development(Android/iOS), my linkedIn profile reflects a number of companies I have worked with in the past. below is my linked in profile.


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