cron-parser-challenge in Swift This is the first command line application for MacOS I’ve done in swift, so I didn’t have time to do many things in the 2 hours ☹️ I would have liked to have separated the exercise by classes in files and also to have done unit tests.

Getting Started

Requirements ?

  • Swift 5

Setup ⚙

  1. Fork this repository or clone the repository or download the latest release
  2. Open a terminal in the folder
  3. cat config.txt | swift main.swift 16:10

Project Files ?


Description ?

The command line tool is very simple, in the config.txt we have this configuration:

30 1 /bin/run_me_daily
45 * /bin/run_me_hourly
* * /bin/run_me_every_minute
* 19 /bin/run_me_sixty_times

we enter this command (cat config.txt | swift main.swift 16:10) it will return:

1:30 tomorrow - /bin/run_me_daily
16:45 today - /bin/run_me_hourly
16:10 today - /bin/run_me_every_minute
19:00 today - /bin/run_me_sixty_times

also if we don’t set the time parameter, it will use the device time:

cat config.txt | swift main.swift




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