Cofi: Corona Fighter

Cofi: Corona Fighter is an education game for my WWDC 2022 Swift Student Challenge Submission. And I’m very grateful that this game makes me 1 of 350 WWDC Scholarship winner for the second time (woooo ?)

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About Cofi

Cofi is an educational game about fighting the latest disease called COVID-19. With this game, players can learn to fight COVID-19 in a fun and engaging way. This game itself will be divided into three parts. Each part of this game will educate players on how to prevent the spread of this disease.

As we all know, COVID-19 is a disease that has existed since December 2019 and is still spreading around the world. To prevent the spread of this disease, scientists created health protocols. However, this disease continues to spread. It turns out that the cause of the spreading is none other than the lack of public awareness of this disease.

By Making this game, I hope the public awareness of COVID-19 will increase so that we can stop this disease once and for all.


  • Swift – Programming Language
  • SwiftUI – UI Framework
  • SceneKit – 3D Graphics Framework
  • Combine – Transfering data between views reactively

How to Run

Mac (Xcode)

  1. Download / Clone this repository
  2. Open wwdc22.swiftpm in XCode using “Open With”
  3. Change simulator to iPad devices
  4. Run the project

iPad (Swift Playground)

  1. Download this repository
  2. Open wwdc22.swiftpm in Swift Playground


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