A code visualizer for Swift, which you can read about on the Swift forums. Built on SwiftSyntax. Made for April Fools' Day 2019.

Not supported in any way. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License with Runtime Library Exception as a contribution to the Swift Open Source project. (That is, treat this repo like a pull request to apple/swift-syntax or something.)

The font used is Bryndan Write, available for free. The (Mac-only) rendering logic is set up to fall back to macOS's "Chalkboard" font if you don't have Bryndan Write installed.


I wrote "not supported in any way" up there! This was a for-fun project for April Fools'; the code is not intended to be a "best practices" guide or a "how to use SwiftSyntax" tutorial. You can certainly look at it if you want to see how I used SwiftSyntax, but the SwiftSyntax repo has many better examples of this. At best it's a "how Jordan hacks things together when he knows he's going to post the code" guide.

I do recommend Kishikawa Katsumi's Swift AST Explorer if you're trying to build a SwiftSyntax-based tool.