SwiftFields is a collection of SwiftUI widgets for editing data. It was originally created with the aim of providing widgets for editing values in a 3D editor such as angles, vectors, matrixes, quaternions, etc.

This library is in early development.

Current widgets:

  • AngleEditor: A widget for editing angles. Screenshot of AngleEditor
  • ClosedRangedSlider: A slider for editing a ClosedRange of Doubles. Screenshot of ClosedRangeSlider
  • “PathSlider': Like SwiftUIs `Slider` but you can slide the thumb along any arbitrary path. Screenshot of PathSlider
  • YASlider: Like SwiftUI’s Slider but with more functionality including vertical orientation, custom thumb, and custom track. (Built on top of PathSlider) Screenshot of YASlider


  • [X]: Use vertical slider for AngleEditor
  • [ ]: Finish angle editor range limits
  • [X]: Accessibility for AngleEditor
  • [ ]: Highlight thumb for PathSlider
  • [ ]: Dark mode support for PathSlider
  • [ ]: Get inner shadow/glow working for PathSlider
  • [ ]: Accessibility for ClosedRangeSlider
  • [ ]: Make YASlider (PathSlider?) support labels.


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