With ParticlesLoadingView you can create your own amazing SpriteKit particles animations with the Xcode's built-in Particle Emitter Editor that looks like the following picture.
Go ahead and create your own particles animation by doing File ➡️ New File ➡️ iOS Resource ➡️ SpriteKit Particle File.

You can also use the already provided `ParticlesLoadingView` class to create an animation. Instantiate it by code or in Storyboard and select a built-in `ParticleEffect` or set the `scene.emitterNode` to your custom `SKEmitterNode` object.

var loadingView: ParticlesLoadingView = {
    let view = ParticlesLoadingView(frame: 0, y: 0, width: 75, height: 75))
    view.particleEffect = .Spark
    view.duration = 1.5
    view.layer.cornerRadius = 15.0
    return view

// OR provide your own SKEmitterNode

let emitter = NSKeyedUnarchiver.unarchiveObjectWithFile(NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource("Spark", ofType: "sks")!) as? SKEmitterNode
if let emitter = emitter { 
    loadingView.scene.emitterNode = emitter


/// Duration in seconds of the animation to complete a tour on the border of the view.
public var duration = 2.0
/// The size of each particle image. This value is used to calculate the inner padding of the view path so that the emitted particles are visible.
public var particlesSize: CGFloat = 5.0
/// The emitter of particles that is animated along the border of the view.
public var emitterNode: SKEmitterNode? = nil

You can provide your own particle emitter node by designing an animation with the particle emitter editor and creating a SKEmitterNode.
If you want to customize it further than that, the project is documented so go ahead and ? it.

If you think a feature should be included in this project, submit a PR or open a new issue.


ParticlesLoadingView is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "ParticlesLoadingView"

You can also use Carthage if you prefer. Add this line to your Cartfile.

github "BalestraPatrick/ParticlesLoadingView"


iOS 9.0 and Swift 3 are required.

If you are using Swift 4, please use the swift4 branch.

If you are using Swift 2.3, please use the swift2.3 branch.