A data-driven UIScrollView + UIStackView framework for building fast and flexible lists.

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Main Features
🙅 Create vertical list layouts in a simple way. Focus on building sections and then render them in the order you want, in a safe and decoupled way.
🏠 Better architecture with reusable views and sections
🐦 Data driven UI. The model decides which section will be rendered as well as the order of the sections. Do you want to try applying Server Driven UI ? then go ahead !!
🔠 Create layout with multiple data types
🔑 Set the side margins and the spacing between sections in a centralized way. 100% customizable for each section if necessary.
🔍 Add new sections with no means for something to break. Adding a new section is 100% safe for your current layout.
📱 Simply UIScrollView + UIStackView at its core
🚀 Extendable API
🔨 Fully unit tested [WIP]
🔨 Lazy Loading [WIP]
🔨 DI strategy for SectionController [WIP]


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