A Fast and Complete Swift Drawing Library


FastDraw is a high performance and highly extensible Drawing Library that supports Apple Pencil. It supports pencil, highlighter, eraser, and lasso. It is the
drawing library used in the collaborative drawing app CoCreate. It has been optimized for Apple
Pencil, which means that the stroke you draw with this library detects force performed on the drawing. You can directly get access to the SQLite file created by the library.
Moreover, it also provides interface to get updates on operation happens on the board, so it is possible to send
the operation in the format of protobuff to other users. There is also interface to draw on the board programatically, which means you can even listen to a
websocket, receive a drawing, erasing, or even lasso operation from others, and perform that on the board. FastDraw gives developer the full control over drawing.

Getting Started

Try out the FastDrawDemo


pod 'FastDraw', :git => '', :commit => "33ed685f73b8adae8ab1ca26e5f028f8ef1cd406"


Create an issue if you meet any problems


Collin Zhang


This project is licensed under the [MIT] License – see the file for details