Drawnee – Boost Your Drawing Skills ? (In progress)

Swift Platform

Welcome to Drawnee, the ultimate iOS app to elevate your drawing abilities and unleash your artistic potential! ?

About the Project

Drawnee is a powerful drawing tool designed to help you improve your artistry by providing a unique practice experience. Our app allows you to select an image as a reference and provides a canvas for you to replicate the drawing. As you progress, Drawnee analyzes your artwork and calculates the percentage of resemblance with the reference image, providing valuable insights into your drawing skills.

Key Features

  • Choose from a library of reference images to challenge yourself.
  • Create your artwork on the canvas provided by the app.
  • Receive instant feedback on the percentage of resemblance with the reference image.
  • Access personalized tips and recommendations to enhance your drawing techniques.
  • Track your progress and see your skills grow with each practice session.

How It Works

  1. Select a Reference Image: Choose a reference image from a diverse collection of pictures, ranging from simple shapes to intricate artworks.

  2. Start Drawing: Utilize the canvas provided by Drawnee to recreate the reference image using your own drawing skills and techniques.

  3. Compare and Improve: After completing your artwork, Drawnee analyzes both images and calculates the resemblance percentage, providing constructive feedback to help you enhance your drawing abilities.


Drawnee is an ongoing project developed as part of my submission for the Apple WWDC23 Swift Student Challenge. I’m dedicated to refining the app’s functionality and user experience continuously. Expect regular updates and feature additions in the future!

Get Involved

Your valuable feedback and contributions are always welcome! Whether it’s reporting a bug, suggesting new features, or collaborating on development, your participation is highly appreciated. Feel free to submit pull requests or contact me via Instagram: @retroskateboard (link in my bio)

Let’s embark on this creative journey together and take your drawing skills to new heights! ??

Screenshots (Coming Soon)

App Preview

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

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