FlashCard is a ios App with awesome features. This is fully realized FlashCard App build in entirely in Swift Language and Fully customized with Simple but arractive UI Design

FlashCard Quiz

(Internship Project) Quiz App Project assign by CodeAlpha


  • Ability to update Questions from ApI calls
  • Display attractive UI with different Questions each time
  • API fetching and managing for different Answers and Question
  • Recreating different Quizs
  • Quick Performance
  • Compiles with Latest Xcode and Latest Swift version
  • Pull to Refresh Page
  • Requirements?

    • XCode 15
    • Little bit knowledge how to program in Swift and with IOS SDK

    Creating an App?‍?

    If you create an app with the code, or interesting project inspired by the code, shoot me an email. I love hearing about your projects!

    Set Up?

    After creating an app, Just set up xcode structure such as organize your folder structure, Build ap simulator or physical device. And that’s it starting making awesome apps


    Includes full Xcode Project to jumpstart development

    FlashCard Demo?



    Q: Do I have to pay you anything if I make an app with this code?

    A: Nope. This is completely open source, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s usually cool to thank the project if you use the code. Go build stuff. Enjoy.

    Q: Which API I used for this Mobile app?

    A: I used Trivia API for my mobile application to get quiz questions and answer


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