SwiftUI knob and toggle controls for use with AUv3 components. Uses the excellent Composable Architecture for Swift by Point-Free.

The controls are attached to AUParameter entities, so changes in the control will affect their associated AUParameter value. This works the other way as well: external changes to the AUParameter — say from a MIDI controller or preset load — will be reflected in the control.

  • Vertical dragging changes the value of the knob
  • Moving horizontally away from the center of the knob will increase resolution of vertical movements
  • Touching the title will show an editor to allow typing a value
  • When present, uses ScrollViewProxy to make sure that the editor is visible when it appears

The toggle view just works on boolean values:

Here is a combination of several knobs into two distinct groups. The groups are embedded in a scroll view so as to operate under narrow device width constrains:


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