Chameleon by Vicc Alexander

Downloads Apps Platform: iOS 8+ Language: Swift 3 Carthage compatible CocoaPods compatible License: MIT

Swift 3

To use the Swift 3 version, add this to your Podfile (until 2.2 or higher is released):


pod 'ChameleonFramework/Swift', :git => ''


Chameleon is a lightweight, yet powerful, color framework for iOS (Objective-C & Swift). It is built on the idea that software applications should function effortlessly while simultaneously maintaining their beautiful interfaces.

With Chameleon, you can easily stop tinkering with RGB values, wasting hours figuring out the right color combinations to use in your app, and worrying about whether your text will be readable on the various background colors of your app.



App Showcase

In an upcoming update we’ll begin showcasing some of the best apps and companies making use of Chameleon. If you’d like to see your app featured in this section, make sure to add it here.

Table of Contents

● Product Features
● Requirements
● License
● Contributions
● Documentation
● Storyboard Add-On
● Author
● To Do List
● Change Log

Product Features

100% Flat & Gorgeous

Chameleon features over 24 hand-picked colors that come in both light and dark shades.


Flat Color Schemes

Chameleon equips you with 3 different classes of flat color schemes that can be generated from a flat or non-flat color. In the examples below, the white stars indicate the color used to generate the schemes.

Analogous Flat Color Scheme

Analogous Scheme

Complementary Flat Color Scheme

Complementary Scheme

Triadic Flat Color Scheme

Triadic Scheme

Contrasting Text

With a plethora of color choices available for text, it’s difficult to choose one that all users will appreciate and be able to read. Whether you’re in doubt of your text and tint color choices, or afraid to let users customize their profile colors because it may disturb the legibility or usability of the app, you no longer have to worry. With Chameleon, you can ensure that all text stands out independent of the background color.

Oh… Chameleon works with the status bar as well. : )

Status Bar

Themes Beta

Chameleon now allows you easily theme your app with as little as one line of code. You can set a theme for all your views, and for specific views as well.


Colors From Images

Chameleon allows you to seamlessly extract non-flat or flat color schemes from images without hassle. You can also generate the average color from an image with ease. You can now mold the UI colors of a profile, or product based on an image!

Colors from images

Gradient Colors

With iOS 7 & 8, Apple mainstreamed flat colors. Now, with the release of iOS 9, Chameleon strives to elevate the game once more. Say hello to gradient colors. Using one line of code, you can easily set any object’s color properties to a gradient (background colors, text colors, tint colors, etc). Other features, like Chameleon’s contrasting feature, can also be applied to create a seamless product. Experimentation is encouraged, and gutsiness is applauded!


Xcode Quick Help Documentation

Chameleon’s documentation, while written as clearly and concisely as possible may still render some slightly confused. But don’t fret! Staying true to our vision of simplifying the entire color process, we added Xcode Quick Help’s Documentation Support! Simply highlight a Chameleon method or tap it with three fingers to find out more about what it is and what it does!

Xcode Quick Help Documentation


If you’re like us and love to use storyboards, Chameleon’s got you covered. We’ve provided you with a quick and easy way to access Chameleon colors right from Storyboard, and any other app that uses the color picker (i.e. TextEdit). In addition you can even import the palette directly into Photoshop and Sketch.

Chameleon Palette

Chameleon Palette


  • Objective-C or Swift
  • Requires a minimum of iOS 7.0 for Objective-C (No active development for anything earlier, but may work with 6.0) and a minimum of iOS 8.0 for Swift.
  • Requires Xcode 6.3 for use in any iOS Project


Chameleon is released and distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.


If you run into problems, please open up an issue. We also actively welcome pull requests. By contributing to Chameleon you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its MIT license.

If you use Chameleon in your app we would love to hear about it! Drop Vicc a line on twitter.


All methods, properties, and types available in Chameleon are documented below.

Documentation Table of Contents

● Installation
● Palettes
● Usage
● UIColor Methods
● Colors From Images
● UIStatusBarStyle Methods
● Color Scheme Methods
● Theme Methods


Note: Swift 3 version maintained in a separate branch until it’s release.

CocoaPods Installation

Chameleon is now available on CocoaPods. Simply add the following to your project Podfile, and you’ll be good to go.



pod 'ChameleonFramework'



pod 'ChameleonFramework/Swift'


Carthage Installation

Add this to your Cartfile:

github "ViccAlexander/Chameleon"


Manual Installation

If you rather install this framework manually, just drag and drop the Chameleon folder into your project, and make sure you check the following boxes. Note: Don’t forget to manually import the QuartzCore & CoreGraphics framework if you plan on using gradient colors!

Manual Installation

If you’re working with Swift and are manually installing Chameleon, there’s an additional step. Make sure to download and drag the following file, ChameleonShorthand.swift, into your project, and you’ll be good to go.


Storyboard Add-On

Using Chameleon’s awesome palette in Storyboard is easy! Simply download and install Chameleon Palette.

Once installed, make sure to restart Xcode. You’ll find all of Chameleon’s colors in the Palette Color Picker whenever they’re needed! ?

Chameleon Palette

Chameleon Palette

Photoshop Add-On

Using Chameleon’s awesome palette in Sketch is easy! Simply download and install Photoshop Palette.

Sketch Add-On

Using Chameleon’s awesome palette in Sketch is easy! Simply download and install Sketch Palette.


To use the myriad of features in Chameleon, include the following import:

If you installed Chameleon using CocoaPods:


<div class="highlight highlight-source-objc position-relative" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="#import

#import <ChameleonFramework/Chameleon.h>