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SwiftHooks is a little module for plugins, in Swift

A Hook represents a “pluggable” point in a software model. They provide a mechanism for “tapping” into such points to get updates, or apply additional functionality to some typed object.

Variety of built in hook types

Type Behavior
Basic Executes the taps with no return value
Waterfall “Reduce” the result through all the taps
Bail Retrieve the result of the first tap that handles the calling value
Loop Execute taps until no taps request the loop be restarted


At Intuit, we’re big fans of tapable, and plugin architecture. This package is the Swift companion to the Kotlin hooks. These are packages we use to enable extensible software, keeping extensions isolated to those that need them, avoiding bloat in primary projects.


Swift Package Manager

Install with Swift Package Manager by adding a reference to your Package.swift dependencies:

let package = Package(
    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/intuit/swift-hooks.git", from: "0.0.1")


Install with CocoaPods by adding an entry to your Podfile, and then running pod install:

pod 'SwiftHooks'



Feel free to make an issue if you are having trouble or open a pull request if you have an improvement to add!

Make sure to read our code of conduct.


This is a Swift only package, so it can be built easily from the command line:

swift build


Running tests in parallel is preffered as it completes much faster:

swift test --parallel


This project uses SwiftLint for linting, and follows the default conventions:

swift run swiftlint


This project is also set up for SwiftFormat to automatically format code:

swift run swiftformat Sources


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