Aquarium life

Aquarium Life is an iPhone app for management of Home Aquariums. The app was launched on Apple App Store in 2021 but removed after my membership ended on February 2022. The app code is now open sourced.

These are the life time stats for the app:

Downloads: 417. In-app purchases: 13


The app code makes use of following frameworks / technologies

  1. SwiftUI
  2. Accessibility support
  3. Core Data with Cloudkit support
  4. In-app purchase products
  5. Local Notifications
  6. Localisation
  7. Widgets (small, medium, large)
  8. JSON parsing
  9. Quick actions, etc.

Some user flows as follows

1. My aquariums 2. Calculators 3. Plants
aquariums Calculators plants
4. Notes and Settings 5. Widget
Setttings widget


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