This is an experiment using the pre-commit hook with SwiftLint.

How it’s works?

First, to generate the swiftlint log, I added a Build Phase Script on Xcode using the > operator to output directly on a file named swiftlint.txt.

Don’t forget to add the swiftlint.txt to your .gitgnore.

Then, the pre-commit script will check if this file has a warning string using the grep command.

warnings="$(grep -q "warning" swiftlint.txt)"

if $warnings > 0 ; then
  if $warnings > 1; then
    cecho "RED" "⚠️  Check these warnings before your commit  ⚠️"
    cecho "RED" "⚠️  Check this warning before your commit  ⚠️"
  cecho "YELLOW" "$(<swiftlint.txt)"
  exit 0

Note: the cecho function I found on this Stackoverflow question created by ndrwnaguib.

Then you have a nice output


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