Create, edit, share and learn about Metal shaders on macOS and iOS

ShaderMania features live coding of Metal fragment shaders with realtime preview and playback. Shaders are displayed as nodes which can be connected as needed.

ShaderMania features a database of public shaders including tutorial shaders with links to explanation videos.

ShaderMania is 100% free, optionally you can make a small donation to the author (in the AppStore or via PayPal).

A physical keyboard is recommended for coding shaders.


  • Flexible node system supporting Shaders and Images. Named input slots for shaders can be created inside the shader source code.
  • Connect shader nodes to be able to chain shaders.
  • Optional abstracted parameter definition which supports display of variables as sliders to live change shader values in the user interface.
  • Tutorial shaders can display a button with a link to their video urls.
  • Realtime syntax check and compilation of your shaders with realtime preview.
  • Render to custom resolutions and export your shader output to PNG.
  • Display of syntax errors and warnings.


  • Upload your shaders to the public shader database
  • Browse shaders in the Database and learn / experiment.
  • Add the nodes of shaders in the database to your project.

How to help

As mentioned above, a small donation to the author (in the AppStore or via PayPal) helps. But simply rating or reviewing ShaderMania in the AppStore is also a great help as it improves visibility.