NY Times is an Minimal News ? iOS application built to describe the use of SwiftSoup and CoreData with SwiftUI.

⛓ Features

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Bookmark a Article using 3D Touch. Deleting bookmarks is just one swipe away

? Table of Contents

⚙️ Requirements

iOS 14+
Xcode 12.2 and Up

? What you can learn?

  • You can learn Technologies like
    • SwiftUI
    • CoreData
    • Combine
    • Web Scraping
  • You can learn various Design patterns from this project such as
    • Dependency injection
    • Repository
    • Singleton
    • Observers
  • You can learn MVVM Two way binding Architecture for SwiftUI with Combine framework

? Technical Background

  • NYTimes App was made using SwiftUI as the Core interface with Two Way Binding MVVM Architecture using Combine framework.
  • CoreData is used to store the Article Bookmarks offline in device so that the user can access it at later time.
  • SwiftSoup is used to scrap the required details from the NYTimes website.
  • The User interface of this app mostly uses the inbuilt iOS components to keep the User experience close to the native feel.
  • Bookmarks can be added as easy as a 3d-touch from Homescreen or a tap in bookmark icon in the detailed article screen.
  • This project was built in the mindset of modularity and good coding patterns. Multiple design patterns like Dependency injection, Repository pattern, Singleton Pattern etc.

? Dependencies

This project uses SPM (Swift Package Manager) as Dependency manager.

⛓ Project Structure

NYTimes                 # Root Group
├── Utilities           # Utilities for Fetching data ans Scraping HTML
├── Extensions          # Some useful extensions
├── Globals             # Contains App constants
├── Persistence         # Coredata files. Contains coredata model and Singleton for ManagedObjectContext
├── Views               # SwiftUI Views
├── Repository          # Repository for Coredata
├── ViewModel           # Viewmodels for SwiftUI Views
├── Model               # Model files
|   └── Coredata Model  # Coredata model subclasses
└── Supporting files    # Misc. files like Appdelegate, SceneDelegate.


This app uses MVVM architecture.


✏️ Contribute

If you want to contribute to this library, you’re always welcome!

What you can do

You can contribute us by filing issues, bugs and PRs.

Before you do

Before you open a issue or report a bug, please check if the issue or bug is related to Xcode or SwiftUI.

Contributing guidelines:

  • Open issue regarding proposed change.
  • Repo owner will contact you there.
  • If your proposed change is approved, Fork this repo and do changes.
  • Open PR against latest dev branch. Add nice description in PR.
  • You’re done!


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