Automate replies to Tweets for the authorized user.


This is a modular Twitter reply bot written in Swift.

At a high-level, that means you create Modules consisting of a single function that return an output string for some input Tweet:

func output(for reply: Reply, _ completion: @escaping ((String) -> Void))

The Bot calls its module's output method anytime it detects a new Tweet and automatically posts a reply (from the bot) with the string it received.


This project was motivated by a contest I've been running on Twitter called Codebreaker:

The idea is to have a bot monitor a Tweet (or an account more generally) and process all replies into a coded response from the bot. Users then compete to be first to figure out the bot's encryption algorithm.

The modules I have included in this app as examples are from the first two rounds of that contest.


Option 1: Clone this repository and build the app with Xcode 11.3.
Option 2: Download the latest built binary from releases, unzip, and run.

Getting Started

  1. Run the app and enter your Twitter API Key/Secret in the input fields at the bottom of the window
  2. Click Update
  3. Send a tweet to the bot and watch it reply!
  4. Add your own Module (change modules by updating the definition in Constants.swift)