This Application is A Movie Database and Movie Record Tracker

Oscar Pictures is an iOS Application that helps you obtain movie information and manage your own movie records.

Video Demo

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  • Extract Oscars Best Pictures data from customized API
  • Manage personal movie records (Watched/To-Watch List)
  • Store personal movie ratings and comments persistently
  • Explore film information in built-in browser
  • Search film by name, by genre, or by both
  • Obtain random film recommendation
  • Check film-watching statistics


  • Data Persistence using CoreData
  • Embed browser using WebKit and WKWebView
  • Error Consideration: handle API extract failure, empty search result, empty list, etc.
  • Refactor to separate data, views, and controllers
  • Customized API implementation


Download the source file and run in Xcode Simulator.


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