A native Jellyfin music client for iOS 17 written using SwiftUI and SwiftData. This app was created in like 5 days, so it is not the most feature-rich application, but it works perfectly fine and supports

  • Online & Offline Playback
  • View Artists
  • View Albums
  • Search your library
  • Time-synced lyrics (requires Jellyfin 10.9 [unstable])
  • Queue including history


Album Artist Lyrics Library
Album 1 Artist Lyrics Library

More screenshots here


As a fairly young person 100€/year for the Apple Developer Program is quite expensive, and I have yet to pay for it. This means this app is not distributed through either the AppStore or TestFlight. If you live in the EU you may be able to sideload the app starting with iOS 18, but who knows… Until then you have to sideload the app using AltStore, or a similar program. The latest IPA can be found here Another option, at least when you have XCode installed, is to build the app yourself, but please change the bundle identifier!


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