Task Management App with Core Data CRUD Operations

This project represents a Task Management iOS Application developed using SwiftUI. The application demonstrates a well-structured UI and is integrated with Core Data, enabling CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for efficient task management. If you are solely interested in exploring how the UI part functions, please refer to the UI-focused Task Manager Project.

Video Demo:


Tools & Technologies Used:

  • SwiftUI: The core framework used to build the app’s user interface.
  • Xcode: The primary IDE for developing, testing, and debugging the application.

Skills Demonstrated:

  1. Core Data Management: Showcased the ability to integrate and manage Core Data for persistent storage and CRUD operations.
  2. Dynamic UI Creation: Exhibited skills in creating a responsive user interface that adapts to different content dynamically.
  3. Date Handling: Managed and manipulated dates effectively using DateFormatter and Calendar.
  4. Code Organization & Modularity: Maintained a well-organized and modular codebase, ensuring clarity, reusability, and maintainability.
  5. User Experience Design: Crafted an intuitive and user-friendly application, focusing on ease of navigation and interaction.


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