A package of SwiftUI code for making node editors


Screen Recording 1


  1. import SwiftNodeEditor
  2. Conform your model types to NodeProtocol (nodes contain sockets), SocketProtocol (sockets are connected with wires) and WireProtocol.
  3. Implement a PresentationProtocol to control how your model types are presented and can be interacted with.
  4. Embed a NodeGraphEditorView in your SwiftUI view hierarchy and provide it with your model types and presentation protocol.

See SwiftNodeEditorDemo for a complex example showing multiple presentation protocols and several ways of interacting with your objects.




This project is (currently) undergoing active development and its API surface area is not yet stable.

See also CAVEAT.md.


High Priority

  • Grep code for TODOs & fix ’em.
  • Remove dependency on Everything (may need to put Everything’s CoreGraphics in a new package?)
  • That GeometryReader makes it hard for wire/pin presentation to work without hard-coding size. (Would a layout help?)
  • Documentation.
  • Fix project structure – the app and demo package should be merged.
  • Simple demo.
  • Add presentation for pins.
  • Cannot debug in Xcode 14.0 beta 3 (TODO: file a feedback report).
  • Add presentation for sockets.
  • Add presentation for wires.

Nice to Have

  • The differences in the ‘content(for:)’ api are weird
  • It’s silly that both pins and sockets need to register the same drag gesture – make one gesture and raise it above.
  • Interface protocols only need to be Identifiable not Hashable also.
  • Socket sizes are hard-coded.
  • Pins are not the same colours as their wires.
  • Add presentation for pins.
  • Investigating use NodeStyle/WireStyle etc inside Presentation
  • Turn README’s TODO list into GitHub issues.
  • Add tools to layout nodes.
  • Add more streamlined HI for adding nodes.
  • Add better z-layer behaviour.
  • Unit tests for model-layer.
  • Labels on wires.
  • Marquee-based selection.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • The Demo app needs a List representation.
  • Selector mechanism for sockets and wires (can I connect this wire to this socket?)
  • Many-to-many sockets
  • Use OrderedSet (from swift-collections) in correct places.
  • Use more from macOS13/iOS16 in this (layouts, backgroundStyle, etc?)
  • Make demo a document-based app with JSON serialization.
  • Make demo labels editable.
  • Get rid of weird underscore naming with generics.


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