Nia Editor [WIP]

Simple minimalist photo editor on SwiftUI

TestFlight Beta (iOS 16+)


  • Apple’s native person segmentation (VNGeneratePersonSegmentationRequest). –°ool for making stickers
  • .contextMenu implementation (animations are broken by Apple)
  • Export with ImageRenderer

nia-editor-person-segmentation-menu nia-editor-person-segmentation-result nia-editor-context-menu-macos


  • Pure SwiftUI at any cost. Zero UIKit imports
  • Full Apple-crossplatform.
  • Only modern APIs, zero legacy support. iOS 16+ since day one
  • Zero dependencies


Icon is generated by a neural network, btw!


  • Formulate some clean and simple architecture for Apple-crossplatform SwiftUI media-editor projects
  • Collect all the bad hacks in the world

Why it’s so messy?

  • I made it
  • SwiftUI is young and raw
  • APIs and project itself is constantly changing


Current tasks are here. Big ones:

  • Video support
  • Video segmentation
  • PencilKit support
  • Face recognition (VNDetectFaceLandmarksRequest). It’s already there, but I don’t know why


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