Pillbox View

Pillbox View shows a small bubble, pill looking box that sides from the top of the screen. You most likely have seen this throughout iOS when the ringer state is changed, Airpods are connected and when you copy your Discord ID, among others.

Note: Discord did not use this, they were my inspiration for creating this since I could not find a dependency that did this



  • Display a title message
  • Show an activity indicator to show ongoing activity IMG_439D92B0A93B-1
    • Indicate your task’s success with a green checkmark IMG_9C967D1A90FD-1
      or failure with a red x IMG_72EF15491E30-1
  • Animates between images and frames for clean effect


Copy the PillBoxViewManager into your file project/manager. Because I have not opened up to Cocoapods, you will have to be your own dependency manager and check for frequent updates while I am setting up dependency managers.

Quick Start

import UIKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    let pill = PillBoxViewManager()
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        pill.show(title: "Refreshing Data", vcView: self.view)
        // some time later...
        DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + 2) {
          pill.didFinishTask = true // this indicates the task's success

All you have to do is pass in a title message and your view controller’s UIView


Let me know how this is and help me improve this project with ideas, suggestions.

Created and Maintained by:

Jacob Trentini


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