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Paste Vault is a menu bar app for storing your clipboards (macOS 12.0+) and it is Unit Tested.

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  • Show the copied text in the system status bar

    • Show all the copied texts

    • Show all the pinned texts

  • Show all the copied text with date segregation (e.g. Today, Yesterday)

  • Added multiple themes support

  • Copy the text on single click with beautiful animations



  1. Clone this repo from the GitHub.

  2. Open the project in Xcode

  3. Click on Run or cmd + r to run the project

Note If you are facing any package dependency issue, reset the package cache or update package to latest version.


We love your input! We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible, whether it’s:

  • Reporting a bug
  • Discussing the current state of the code
  • Submitting a fix
  • Proposing new features
  • Becoming a maintainer

We Develop with Github

We use github to host code, to track issues and feature requests, as well as accept pull requests.

Report bugs using Github’s issues

We use GitHub issues to track public bugs. Report a bug by opening a new issue; it’s that easy!

Write bug reports with detail, background, and sample code

Great Bug Reports tend to have:

  • A quick summary and/or background
  • Steps to reproduce
    • Be specific!
  • What you expected would happen
  • What actually happens
  • Notes (possibly including why you think this might be happening, or stuff you tried that didn’t work)

People love thorough bug reports. I’m not even kidding.


LogKit is released under the MIT license.


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