Macboard" is a minimalistic, fast, and clean clipboard manager designed for MacOS. The project is currently a work in progress, and to install it, users need to clone the repository and open it with Xcode.

  1. Clipboard Manager:

Macboard functions as a clipboard manager for MacOS, providing users with the ability to manage and access their clipboard history.

  1. Minimalistic Design:

The application adopts a minimalistic design approach, aiming for simplicity and a clean user interface.

  1. Performance:

Emphasizes blazingly fast performance, ensuring a responsive and efficient user experience.

  1. Installation Instructions:

As of the current status of the project, installation is done by cloning the repository and opening it with Xcode. This suggests that it is still in development and not yet available through other distribution channels.

  1. Work in Progress:

The project is marked as a work in progress, indicating ongoing development and potential future updates.

"Macboard" is tailored to provide a lightweight and efficient solution for managing clipboard history on MacOS, with a focus on simplicity and speed.